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New Director of Americas Society

•  Press Releases     updated  2008/02/26 15:58

New York,February 26, 2008 ... The Council of the Americas and Americas Societyhave appointed Alexis E. Rovzar, Executive Partner in charge of theLatin America Practice of White & Case LLP, to their Boards ofDirectors.

"We are so pleased to add Alexis to the Board of Directors of boththe Americas Society and Council of the Americas," indicated SusanSegal, President and CEO of both organizations. "His deep commitment tothe Hemisphere both professionally and personally will bringsignificant value to our boards, and we look forward to his very activeparticipation."

Rovzar specializes in international financial transactions, as wellas corporate and banking law. In the past 30 years, he has focusedmainly on Latin America, including being involved in most of Mexico'smajor public and private sector financial transactions and debtrestructurings. Additionally, he devotes substantial time tophilanthropic activities in both Mexico and abroad.

As part of his appointments, Rovzar has been selected to theboards' joint Business Committee, a Rockefeller-funded HispanicIntegration Initiative designed to mobilize the private sector topromote the integration of immigrant communities and the Hispanicworkforce.

"Being a board member of both organizations is an exciting and newway for me to continue promoting economic and business developmentthroughout the Americas, and I look forward to my participation on theboards' Business Committee as one of my key first steps," said Rovzar.

White & Case is home to one of the world's leading LatinAmerican law practices. The practice is recognized by leading legalpublications such as Chambers Global 2008 and PLC Which Lawyer's 2006 Yearbook, which ranked it among the top two practices in Mexico. Additionally, Latin Finance Magazine has ranked the practice as one of the top two capital markets legal practices in Latin America for the past three years.

About Americas Society
Americas Society is thepremier forum dedicated to education, debate and dialogue in theAmericas. Its mission is to foster an understanding of the contemporarypolitical, social and economic issues confronting Latin America, theCaribbean, and Canada, and to increase public awareness andappreciation of the diverse cultural heritage of the Americas and theimportance of the inter-American relationship.

About Council of the Americas
Council of theAmericas is the premier international business organization whosemembers share a common commitment to economic and social development,open markets, the rule of law and democracy throughout the WesternHemisphere. The Council's membership consists of leading internationalcompanies representing a broad spectrum of sectors, including bankingand finance, consulting services, consumer products, energy and mining,manufacturing, media, technology and transportation.

About White & Case
White & Case LLP isa leading global law firm with more than 2,300 lawyers in 36 offices in24 countries. Our clients value the breadth and depth of our US,English and local law capabilities and rely on us for their complexcross-border commercial and financial transactions and forinternational arbitration and litigation. Whether in established oremerging markets, the hallmark of White & Case is our completededication to the business priorities and legal needs of our clients.

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