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When you or a loved one has been injured and need professional help with your personal injury case, McDonnell Law is here for you. Getting injured due to negligence can have serious consequences and should not be determine your future. It is important to hire a skilled attorney on your behalf to fight for every right to get justice served.We will answer all your concerns and questions regarding your specific case in order to determine if you are qualified to file for a personal injury lawsuit.

There is no case too big or too challenging for us, and we will give the attention you deserve. Our firm specializes in getting claims resolved and fighting for compensation rights is what we have been trained to do. Negligence should not be taken lightly and should not be the cause of someone else's suffering. McDonnell Law wants to advocate for your justice.

We handle all types of personal injury cases such as:

Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Truck Accidents
Defective Products
Medical Malpractice
Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents
Wrongful Death
Slip & Fall Injuries
Premises Liability
Traumatic Brain Injury
Dog Bites

It doesn't need to be any more stressful during this difficult time. To help ease through the process, you need to know who to turn to for help. Many insurance companies may take advantage of the unstable state you may be in after a personal injury. Don't let this happen to you and be sure to contact an attorney to ensure that you maximize your financial reimbursement and get what you deserve. Personal injury matters can be complicated for you, but it doesn't have to be. We will worry about the technical components while you get sufficient time to deal with your physical and emotional trauma.

Located in beautiful San Diego, McDonnell Law practices in all areas of personal injury and is here to fight for your rights and to represent you in your case. No injury is too minor for us. McDonnell Law handles every case and every client with the attention they deserve and will work hard to get the results you want. Contact Attorney Xavier K.

Personal injury cases can impact you and your loved one's lives in a major way and cause emotional and financial burdens to your future. You can lessen some of these stresses or even completely avoid them by contacting McDonnell Law as soon as possible. We will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve and take the crucial steps to get the best possible outcome.

We are here to assist you during a difficult time. Don't hesitate to call and speak with us today. We are serious and competent when dealing with insurance companies, knowing when to take your claim to court should the negligent party's insurance company be unable to satisfy your claim fairly and in a timely manner.

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

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